A suburban backyard adventure to grow fresh organic produce for our little family

‘The Veggie Patch Diaries’ originally started back in 2013 when we were expecting the birth of our first child Zoé. I had early memories as a kid myself with my grandfather digging up carrots and picking fresh juicy tomatoes from the vine and this became the inspiration to have a crack at it.

The original online space was created to be our seasonal journal on the gardening journey we were going to undertake and is now a five year strong blog of images and reference on our little edible adventure – You can view the original blog here!

A few patches later, we are now living comfortably in the Bayside suburbs of Brisbane and with a beautiful new addition to the green gang, Finn. The blog since having taken on a new home here will continue to tell the story of our little family’s corner of paradise and we hope it inspires you to maybe give it a go yourself.

Thanks for stopping by, Matt + the family xx

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